Long Term Care

At Wallace Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center, we recognize the potential challenges that come with long-term care, and we are committed to alleviating concerns by offering a superior quality of life through our comprehensive long-term care program. Our approach prioritizes the well-being and dignity of residents, providing them with top-notch medical services and a range of recreational opportunities.

Our dedication extends to creating individualized, compassionate care plans designed to meet the unique needs of each resident. This ensures they not only receive the best medical services and therapies but also engage in meaningful activities. Our highly trained nursing staff specializes in various clinical services, such as pain management, therapeutic treatment, wound care, respite care, and palliative care. Additionally, we enrich our residents' daily lives through a dynamic recreation program that fosters camaraderie and provides meaningful stimulation.

Choosing Wallace Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center means entrusting your loved one to a secure, comforting environment where they receive the personalized attention required for a safe and fulfilling lifestyle.


Long term care services include:


Get the care you need,
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